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Pumpkin charity

Welcome to Bumpkin Pumpkins

Bumpkin Pumpkins is my name
To enjoy Halloween is my aim
Carving pumpkins to create a sight
Flickering pictures by candle light

Pumpkin Wonder was my biggest fest
Sadly the last, but remembered the best
A spectacular event for young and old
A magical scene the papers have told

Now living in New Zealand across the sea
Halloween is in the wrong season for me
But not deterred I will find a way
To carve the orange fruit again some day

Now Halloween is upon us once more
Just click the button to take a tour
Take your time to have a peek
I hope that you find what you do seek

From photoís to recipes and all about me
How to carve a pumpkin you shall see
I love getting feedback and comments, itís true
Keep those questions coming, Iíll write back to you.



About Bumpkin Pumpkins

My name is Louise Riley and I live in Wanganui, New Zealand.When I lived in Woolacombe, North Devon I started doing carved pumpkin displays for charity. This is how I got started in this wacky and wonderful art.

I bought a set of pumpkin carving tools and patterns in 2001 from an American Store. The following year 2002, I carved 12 pumpkins using the patterns I bought and some that I got from the internet.

Using the tools was very simple and the effects were quite dramatic. I put them out in my garden for my children and their friends to look at on Halloween night.

They attracted attention from passers by, some took photos of them and went home to get their families to come and look.

I was asked which charity I was taking donations for and I wasnít so I put a pot out with Cancer Relief written on it and in the morning it had been filled with money so I decided that the next year I would put on a larger carved pumpkin display.
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Happy Halloween
Pumpkin charity Pumpkin charity Pumpkin charity Pumpkin charity
Pumpkin carving
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Pumpkin carving