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Q.How long will a carved pumpkin last?
A.The pumpkin will look its best for the first 48 hours then it will start to dry out and shrivel, eventually will go mouldy. The best way to look after the pumpkin is rub vasaline over the cut edges, wrap in cling film and keep it in the fridge when not displaying it, it will last a good week before your fridge no longer smells nice!! You can also plunge it into water for a couple of hours and let it drain well, the pumpkin soaks up the water and loooks fresh again, you can only do this a couple of times before it goes really smelly and mouldy. So in answer to your question I think normally about 2 weeks if you look after it.
Q.can I keep the pumpkin/sqaush/guord seeds?
Q.How can I preserve my carved pumpkin?
Q.How do you use the tools and patterns?
Q.How long does it take to carve a pumpkin?
Q.How long will a carved pumpkin last?
Q.How long will a pumpkin last for?
Q.What can I cook using pumpkin
Q.What can you do with the inside of the pumpkin?
Q.Where do you get your carving tools from?
Q.Where do you get your patterns from?

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